Benefit Brow Zings

Benefit Brow Zings*
Today's Review post is the Benefit Brow Zings pallet. You can see this item in full action in my tuesday tutorial for brows . I started filling in my eyebrows three years ago and they're very fair from half way down, making me look like I have little stumps for eyebrows - not cool.

So I was bought this item by my mother for Christmas 2011 and loved it. I've used it every day since and the one shown here is the one i have in reserve for when my original runs out. So these things last well over a year making its £22.50 price tag a bargain. Its in two parts, a wax and a powder and each can be used separated too. Some times when I want a lighter brow i just use the wax which neatens up as well as darkening slightly. For super defined brows I use both the wax and powder and use my Boots Slanted brush featured in a Tuesday tutorial about all the brushes I use here. 

The small powder brush that comes with the set isn't great, then again neither are the tweezers but they are good for when you're travelling and dont wan't to take all your brushes with you. My only issue with this set is the fact that it's wax and can therefore melt during the summer months. I've had my eyebrows wipe off before which can be super annoying and a little bit cringey as well.

What do you use for your brows? Ive tried the Rimmel pencils and some basic eyeshadows too but I prefer this pallet over all.

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  1. I've always just used pencils. Even when I went through my younger goth phase of 'shave and draw'. It used to puzzle people when I'd ask my friends if my eyebrows were still on xD


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