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Benefit They're Real Mascara *

Today's Review is Benefit's They're Real Mascara. After using false eyelashes for years (buying them in packs of 40 from ebay) I never thought that the hype around Benefit would be justified. Ill be honest, even now I'm not 100% sure of my opinion of this product. It is a good mascara; let's just get that bit out of the way. It's got a lovely brush, lovely packaging, it doesn't clump - all the basic ingredients of a good mascara. 

My issues with it are as follows..Firstly I find this almost impossible to get off my eye lashes. Even with specific eye make up remover, this is still a bit of a bitch to remove which compared to false eyelashes, which take seconds and then a wipe with a make up wipe, its just frustrating  Maybe I'm using the wrong products? but I dont understand why any mascara wouldn't come off with a standard eye make up remover. Secondly, the price. I was bought this as a christmas present and I do love it and wear it for nights out or special occasions, but I don't know if i'll be replacing it when it runs out as 99p for 40 false lashes and then £10 for some glue and a cheap mascara lasts me twice as long with a lot less hassle.

I feel terrible slating this mascara, I really do. It's not that I don't like it I'm just a little bit lazy and stuck in my ways perhaps? I will carry on using it and I do like it but as with all the products on my blog I have to be honest.

There are some great pros with this mascara too. For a start, it's a bitch to get off - which does mean for me it's been cry proof. (I don't cry a lot, but it is important to not look like a panda) and also, unlike false lashes, half of it can't come off and sway in the wind so in a lot of ways its a lot better than false lashes. The length this has created for me is unrivalled by any other mascara product too. Plus it's a bit of a cult item now,  everyone wants it which means having this little gem in your make up bag feels good. And the packaging is pretty nice too, although for Benefit its a bit boring and simple.

Overall I guess it's a case of if you like false lashes or mascara. Im moving away from false lashes and in fact haven't worn them since Halloween so maybe it's time to move away from cheap china deals on ebay and start investing in good mascaras (and better eye make remover too). 

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  1. I think it gives a good look to most peoples eyelashes, but I think it is very over priced, which is the reason I haven't bought it yet! xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. I like this mascara a lot - however, my only bugbear with it is that I find it dries out too quickly and is quite expensive for what you get xxx

  3. great review, thanks for sharing, darling!

  4. Just found your lovely blog! New follower :)


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