Loreal paris True Match Foundation

L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation in Rose Ivory

This week I'll be doing more review posts as I've been poorly sick and just not capable of any outfits. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet (literally, as been suffering from injury pain and not been able to walk after walking too much on tuesday) and back to some lovely outfits this weekend. For now though I'm going to spoil you with a few more posts than usual before the weekend to make up for my rubbish-ness.

Todays product is the Loreal Paris True Match foundation. I started using this foundation back in college, 6 years ago (I'm showing my age now) and have tried a few others since but always gone back to this gem. Its a super smooth texture and gives great coverage. You can see this foundation in every one of my outfit posts and you tube videos and the proof really is in the photos/videos.

I found it went on really easily with just my fingers for several years until I was bought a foundation brush  and now it glides on even better than i'd imagined. It lasts ages, probably a good 8 - 12 hours, even without a primer (which i didn't start using until recently). I also find that the True Match collection matches my skin tone very well. I've tried similar products and never found one that didn't make me either too orange or too pale. This really is the foundation to beat for me. It's only £10 which is cheap too. I find one of these lasts up to 4 months, making it an incredible product.

What foundation do you use or did you find this one wasn't good for you? I'd love to read your reviews.

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  1. This is my go to foundation, I'm yet to find one that I love half as much as this! I'm pale so this is as close to my skin tone as I'll get, and it still gives great coverage! Always a bonus :) xx


    1. glad you like it too! its so amazing and so often over looked by bloggers!

  2. I'm using this right now. I always use different ones, im so picky! I went to this one from Boots No7 Stay Perfect and now I find it too runny! Especially when I mix it with a highlighter. I'll have to use it up but I agree it's good coverage and does last all day, I guess it's just the application I don't like?!


    1. thats interesting! ive never mixed it with highlighter so maybe thats why? what primer do you use? maybe thats a factor? x

  3. Must give this a go, might save my self a fortune!

    1. I always have one on me so if you dont try it out by the 16th then you can take a look :) x


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