After the weekend's 60's inspired outfit post, I thought I'd do a quick tuesday tutorial on how to do a Beehive look. Its a bit scruffy as I've not been very well but hopefully you get the idea. This is also a good basis for lots of other vintage hair styles that require volume, like the one featured in my 60's post here and some of the stuff that was all over London Fashion Week. Enjoy!

Start by brushing your hair roughly and giving the front of your hair a parting.
Leave a strip at the front, about 2/3 inches and then back comb the top
& sides of your hair.

Once backcombed, smooth the top layers to cover the less attractive back combed section.
Keep the front section of your hair smooth and pull it forward.
using both hands separate the top half of your hair
use a brush to smooth it into without reducing the height.

Pin this top section of your hair back.
Using a comb tidy up the sides (I'm growing out an undercut
so have to clip both sides down.)
Comb out your front section and secure this too leaving you with half the beehive.

Brush the rest of your hair and then twist the section up.
Fold it under itself and secure with bobby pins.

Check with a mirror and smooth out any bumps.
Finally, Enjoy your Beehive! 

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  1. Wow you make this look so easy!! I can never do my own hair. Sammie x

  2. Cute hair tutorial! I am absolutely useless at doing anything with my hair, but you make this look easy, so maybe I will have a go!

    Sita xx

  3. Cannot wait to try this on my hair! xxx

  4. Will have to try this out! I've always wanted to do a beehive look!

  5. Thank you for giving me some hair inspiration! Definitely going to attempt this tomorrow!
    love, Emily x

  6. I love this tutorial! I've bookmarked it to give it a go as it looks so much easier than some of the others I've tried to understand on youtube!

    Amy x


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