Simple vintage twist

I always start by adding some dry shampoo, rubbing it in and then brushing it out. 
Then back comb the front of your hair till it stands up a little bit, clip the front bit
out of your face and spray with a natural hold hair spray.
I then curl or straighten the rest of my hair while that sets.

Take down your clipped section and smooth it over, either with a brush or comb. 
Now take your finger and section off (at a diagonal angle) the front section of your hair.
Brush this out so the front and the top are nice and smooth.

Make sure that section of your hair is separate from the rest and twist the section.
Lay the twist flat and then push it forward slightly, giving the front height.
Clip the twisted section to the top of your hair with natural coloured hair pins.

Once secure, add finishing touches. I clip the other side of my hair back.
Hair spray the entire hair style to keep your twist in place and your curls bouncy!
Enjoy your vintage locks :D

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  1. Love your hair! Great tutorial! Xx

  2. Love this! I used to do something similar to the side when my fringe was too long. I love how this look's I'm definitely going to try it

    Sjmwell x

  3. Brilliant tutorial, will try this tomorrow! xx

  4. love it! you always do the best tutorials! This would be a good style if anyone is trying to grow out a fringe:)! xx

    1. thats where the style came from! i started growing out my fringe last spring and found a few tutorials online and then starting wearing it like this :) x

  5. Ooooo great, definitely going to try this out!! x


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