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Benefit - Fake Up*

If you read my blog regularly you will know that just over a week ago I was invited to the Benefit Fake Up Blogger launch in Newcastle. Since it hit Glasgow on the Monday blogs have been filled with reviews of this product, some of whom have had the product less than 24 hours. I decided to take a different approach and to fully test out Fake Up while I was away at the weekend so you guys know the slightly more long term effects of using this product.

Firstly its got great packaging. To me it looks like a giant lippy and it fits in my make-up bag so easily. Its a great throw it in to your bag product and it's really fuss free. On first impressions its really smooth and really lovely to put on. Im 01.Light and for me it has really good coverage for my under eye area. I've been applying it after foundation so that the foundation doesn't dry it out and this seems to be working well. The hype is well deserved as even though I have under-eye wrinkles already and normally under eye concealer makes me look a lot older, this one hasn't dried me out yet and made the wrinkles worse. This is due to the outer circle which you can see in the photo above. Its vitamin E and apple seed extract which as you can see in the swatches below, goes around the make-up part of Fake Up. When you blend the product the two mix creating a lovely dewy finish.

Over the weekend I've been really impressed by the product. Long term it hands down beat all others that I've tried for the under eye area. I've tested this on days where I've got up at 6am and worked 10 hours and cried for hours in therapy, so I think I can safely say that it doesn't dry out (much). Ive started using it in other areas, such as around my nose as they can crease too and fake up leaves a flawless finish which doesn't crease, cake or go oily here either. Of course after 6-8 hours it's going to get a bit dry. I found that by simply re-applying this solved this and it didn't cake up underneath. Lots of tears did take a lot of it off but it left my skin still smooth and again I just re-applied. 

As I went to the blogger event I was given one of each of the three shades. I've been using the light ever since and gave the 02. medium to my sister, who is normally a light but settled for the medium..and the 03. Deep is sat in my make up box. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do with the medium (contouring, or using it for bronzer) then i'd love to read your posts about it. I might have a play soon and let you know what I've done with it as it seems a waste to leave it gathering dust.

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  1. i'm contouring with deep, but it can be a little dark so sometime i stick it under foundation :)

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

    1. Id love to know how youve done this? Im terrible at contouring and I think it'll be too dark for me even to contour x

  2. I love that it looks like a lip product. Super cute! Maybe I'll get one as a contour. | nyc style blog

  3. Love this product! I have my review all ready to go on Sunday. It's a must have product for mothers in my opinion, both my sister & I agree (I gave her medium too).

    Amy x


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