MUA Undress Me Too

MUA Undress Me Too

As a newbie to eyeshadows I've done neutrals mad. After using the Benefit world Famous palettes  reviewed here, I wanted to explore other ones and this MUA one really jumped out at me mostly due to it being such good value for money. It was just £3, rather than £4, making the 12 eyeshadows just 25p each. This item is also in my haul video, so give that a look if you get the chance.

The MUA undress me too is another dupe, which I know annoys people but personally, as a blogger on a budget, this suits me just fine! First impressions are good with this one. The packaging isn't fancy and the brush is cheap. For me, these are pluses. Im not going to use the brush and I dont like paying for fancy fancy packaging. lets be honest, no one buys MUA products because they fancy or they come with good tools; we buy them cause they're cheap alternatives to higher end brands. 

Colours wise I think they're is a good. mix here. Lots of bronzes, shimmers, mattes and a black. I think the amount of looks I could create with this are endless. Sadly some of the shades are a little disappointing. For me the black isn't black enough and as you can see in my swatches the first colour has barely any pigment at all. Plus for someone that is afraid of colour (a little bit) theres a lot of the bronze colours, just two would of done me fine then there would be more room for greys which are more wearable for me. I think the key with a £3 palette with 12 different shades is to not expect for them all to be amazing. For me, it has been a good experience. I wouldn't try all MUA products. I doubt ill go near their face make up, but I look forward to trying their nail and lip products too, with medium expectations.

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  1. It is great value for money! I'm not too keen on the MUA products as the primer took a layer off my face! I might give this a go though simply because of the price and the good selection of colours.

    Amy x


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