Fishtail Braid

As ever, start by brushing your hair.
For a braid I brush it all over to one side.
Smooth your hair and seperate it into two sections.
Take your index finger and take a thick chunk from the back of one of the large sections.
Bring the chunk over the section into the middle and add it to the other section.

Carry on down the hair, taking big chunks. 
This shouldn't take you too long at all. 
If you struggle with how fiddly it is, take larger chunks.


When your braid is done, take a clear band and secure the braid.
Mine we're from Claires Accessories years ago
& are super handy for lots of hair style.
When secure pull you braid to adjust the shape and clip any strays.
Enjoy your mermaidy braid :)

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  1. This looks fantastic and I will give it a go.. however i'm all fingers & thumbs so I don't think it'll look as good!

    Enjoy your tea at the Ritz tomorrow :)

    Amy x">

    1. thank you :)
      Im sure i will, cant wait! x

  2. I love fishtail braids but I think my hair is still a bit too short to pull them off!
    I really enjoy your GIFs they're a cute way to show tutorials - much better than just pictures :)

    I have a new recipe on my blog if you want a peek!


  3. This is gorgeous, I always thought you had to have really long hair to do one of these but it looks so good on you:) x

  4. It looks fab! I love your style of tutorials!


  5. Love this hairstyle, I wear it a lot myself but my hairs so layered/damaged it never looks nearly as nice as yours does.

    Still in love with these tutorials.

    Sally x

  6. Best fishtail tutorial I've seen.. I actually think I might be able to do it now! Thank you!!



  7. Great post! Love the way you do your tutorials, have never them done like this before! Truly unique!

    Sue x

  8. This is so pretty, and a great tutorial! I would love to have a go but I don;t think my hair is long enough x


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