Front French Plait

Start by sectioning of the front inch of your hair that you're going to plait 
and tying the rest of your hair back to avoid everything getting tangled.
using your finger separate the first chunk and then split into 3 pieces.
Start the plait as normal (crossing over the pieces into the center).

As the Plait goes lower, pick up the loose pieces and carry on plaiting.
carry this on across your head, adding pieces as you go.
Try to add them to the thinnest of your three sections so the plait stays even.

Once you reach your ear just carry on plaiting the hair till the end and secure with a thin band.
Let the rest of your hair down and clip the end of your plait under the back section.

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  1. looks so pretty gonna give it a go tonight ;) xxxx

  2. Cannot get enough of your tutorials miss. xx

  3. Thank you! This is amazing. I'm about to give it a whirl...


  4. Super cute! I love how easy these tutorials are to follow!

  5. This is so pretty! I love doing braids with the fringe part of my hair, they're so summery and cute!

    Sophie xo | That's What Sophie Said


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