Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care

Hey guys, today I am reviewing the Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care. This little kit contains the Hair Oil 30ml and the Deep Repair Masque 30ml. I think these are sold on some sites as "get hooked packs" and I have to agree..these really are JUST enough to get you hooked to these amazing hair products. I wanted to publish this today as I've not shared a hair product with you in ages and this is one of my all time favourites (I know,  wowza)

First time I tried this I put a few drops of the Oil Treatment on my hand and mixed it in with my conditioner and left it on for about ten minutes as a hair mask. My hair didn't feel amazingly smooth or magic, as I imagine a lot of people expect from a high end hair product, but it did feel really strong. The split ends seemed less apparent and I genuinely think it helped to heal my hair.

Since then I've used it several times, again mixed with my normal conditioner but also on towel dry hair, replacing a hair serum. Once dry my hair has been super soft as well so now this is my preferred method for this oil. If it was going for a more textured look I would revert back to the conditioner method to keep the strength in my hair, but the fact that I have the choice with this oil is great.

That week I then decided to do my hair dye regime. This is a two step system where I bleach my hair and then dye it an ash blonde to keep it a natural colour. Naturally after this process my hair feels a little damaged so I decided to use the Deep Repair Masque as well.

This is a combination of different oils to create a super intense hair mask. It is a thick mixture, a salmony pink colour and really buttery. I didn't even need the whole 30ml sample as this mask goes a long way. I thankfully have two 30ml sizes so I'm hoping I can use the mask 3 times in total. The application was great. I towel dried my hair, applied the mask to the bottom 3/4 and brushed it through with a wide tooth comb. The next day (I generally air dry my hair over night) my hair was so fluffy but after a quick run through with straighteners it was strong, soft and fly away free. Just one day after a hair bleach and dye, I was very impressed. 

The Macadamia range are expensive hair products but I believe they will last a long time, making sure I use them moderately and when my hair needs them, so well worth the price tag. Saying that, the 30ml is available on several sites online for just £3 and I think even this small size would last a good month or so. I plan to make a hair mask once a week with the oil once the mask is used up and only use the oil after or before a heat day to repair any damage. I imagine by the time Ive used up both my kits I will be addicted to these products and will have to purchase! I would also be interested in trying the other products in the range now, such as the Rejuvenating Shampoo and the No Tangle Pre-Styler spray from the styling range.

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  1. Oh I might need to pick up one of the tiny sizes for travelling! Quite wanted to test this range for a while :)

    1. you really should! theyre really not that pricey either and totally worth it!

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