Alessandro Striplac

Striplac "Crazy Lazy"  24 hours after application
So this is a bit of an odd review post. I don't actually own the Alessandro Striplac kit but I did have the chance to try it at the Tweezerman & Alessandro press event, which you can read about here, so I thought I would share with you my experience. As I've used the kit and I'm writing this after the manicure has peeled off so you'll get an account of the application, its deterioration and then the peel off!

First things first, Striplac is a new system. Alessandro already do 3 nail systems but Striplac is the first nail system which you can cure at home but doesn't need a trip to a salon to remove. This is a massive pro point for me as I only ever use normal nail varnishes. The idea of going to a salon to get gels or something and then go back to have your nails soaked in horrible chemicals just doesn't appeal. For me, if a salon near me gets this system (at a reasonable price a pop) then I would happily go for a manicure safe in the knowledge that if one nail comes off, or I simply get bored of the colour, then I can remove it at home..but we will get to the "stripping" section of my experience later.
Also a quick side note. Alessandro do a 99-3 system, where they have 99 shades in 3 different types. Striplac only has 24 shades at the moment but they are hoping to launch the full 99 soon.

The starter kit has everything you need, Ill let you know if a tool I used was an extra as they obviously had a few handy extras floating around. To start off I simply removed my current polish and then cleanse with the wipes to make sure your nails are super clean. Just like a normal polish you apply a base coat, two layer of colour and a top coat. With Striplac you simply cure it in between layers for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. The starter kit contains the lamp, base coat and one colour polish (Their best seller, which is a red shade) I chose Crazy Lazy, a blue colour, which I applied myself. Don't let my photograph put you off, I assure you that you can get a fully professional finish if you're not in a rush. The fantastic thing about the system is that if you apply the polish wrong you can use the corrector pen (not included in the kit) or simply use a cleansing wipe to remove that entire layer and re-apply. I loved this! I dont have the steadiest hands sometimes so this is perfect for me and a lot simpler to correct than standard polish. After you've cured the final top coat (which is a twin top and base coat and included in the starter kit) you simply cleanse your nails again and you're good to go.

The polish is then high shine and feels very smooth. I really love the finish. Its a little raised but I assume this is normal from a different finish than standard polish (I'll admit, I've never had anything other than standard polish and shop bought false nails) but I know that others had bumps in theirs where the polish had gathered before it was set.

The "Stripping"
Well first of all the nails didnt fall off, in fact I took them off because I got bored of the colour. Two weeks of bright blue nails and I decided I fancied a change. Two weeks is amazing for me. Normally nail varnish chips a day or two later, sometimes quicker than that. To remove you simply find an edge and pick at it (like you would the edge of wall paper or a label on a bottle) and pull it off. For larger nails it came of in a few pieces, for medium and small nails just one piece. It left my nails a bit dry, I wont lie but a good file, nail oil and hand cream later and they were back to their normal healthy condition. This is in no way a bad point, I think this would happen to my nails if I couldnt apply nail oil and hand cream directly onto the nails for two weeks, just normally I do almost daily in between nail polishes.

Over all,
I simply love this system. It is amazing. I was so sceptical at first but honestly, I loved this. The kit is a little pricey but with a big cheque coming my way before the year is out I can see myself investing in this. Considering just how long it lasts and how simple it is, it would save myself both time and money (as I imagine they varnishes last a while due to not having to re-do my nails every 3 days). I do think that until they release more colours that Striplac isn't going to take over the nail industry. We all want a wide selection of colours; I know i find myself buying yet another shade of pink/purple/orange/green etc. because its slightly different to the 4 I already own but once they have a good range of shades, Im sure Striplac will become a popular favourite in the beauty world.

Striplac - day 14

Straight after "stripping"

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  1. Woah thats kind of cool!
    Looks like it affects your nails alot though :(

    Kelly ||

    1. not too much! All nail varnish makes my nails look like that so i think it depends on the person and how long :)

  2. Amazing colour,
    Not good for your nails.

    1. Actually not when you use the strip off activator ! :)

    2. Actually not when you use the strip off activator ! :)

  3. How much is the kit?
    I get gels done for free but this may be a good alternative and less damaging!

    1. its £120 (or £90-100 some places online) but comes with the lamp, top and base coat and the red colour x


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