Things non-bloggers don't understand about being a "blogger"

This may have been just an excuse to post a picture of a blogging cat.

Hey guys, today is  a little bit of a different type of post. I was chatting about some of this stuff the other day and it made me realise I needed to write this all down and where better than in a blog post (where the "non-bloggers" won't read it, but never mind). This is just a collection of stuff that I know "non-bloggers" don't understand, some funny and others a little bit more annoying. Enjoy and feel free to add some other things to the list in the comments :)
  • Blogging is our hobby but its so much more than that.
  • It's not the type of thing you just do and then its done, like going to the gym or reading, its a constant thing and it becomes part of who you are.
  • Blogging becomes like a job, but one that you adore and you can do in you PJs. I regularly say "I work three jobs" but one of those is referring to my blog.
  • Writing a blog isn't easy. People always say to me "I'd write about that if they sent me free stuff".
  • None of us are in it for the "free stuff" (although obviously thats a massive perk, along with so many other nice things) or at least we shouldn't be but I always think you can spot those bloggers a mile off.
  • The "free stuff" is earned, not just given. You have to work to make your opinion valuable to brands and this doesn't happen over night.
  • Blogging friends. I have normal friends, but it's my blogging friends that I speak to almost every day. Blogging is a part of your life that non-bloggers will never get and thats okay.
  • Meeting up with bloggers is essentially meeting up with strangers off the internet. Except its not. It's perfectly safe (although obviously I tell people where I'm going and I'm an adult. If I was younger than 18 I imagine my parents wouldn't let me go to events and meet ups).
  • Events. Yes I was given that product in every shade a month before it was released in the shops. No, it's not weird. (again, its earned not just given out to anyone.)
  • Press releases in our email inboxes. 
  • Spending x amount of money a month/week on clothes or make-up is not a waste, its what we do (and kinda part of our "job").
  • Having a make-up collection 2/3/4x the size of a regular person is normal.
  • So is having a wardrobe 2/3/4x the size.
  • and shoes, hand bags..everything basically.
  • It's not our fault if we don't want to use a product till we've photographed it.
  • It's also not our fault if we need to swatch every type of pink lipstick in Boots so we can find the right shade and texture. 
  • Taking photos of everything. Im sorry but we need to document everything we eat. And what if we need that photograph of that thing later and we didn't take it? Blog post ruined.
  • Selfies. I regularly joke that my life is "pulling duck faces" amongst other things but when I pretty much take photos of myself every day for my blog, then a lot of them are going to end up on Instagram. Soz.
  •  "Automated Twitter Alice" as my sister calls is, is what pulls in the views, or a large chunk of them. Also the blogger chats. Normal folk  can find this type of tweeting annoying. We're sorry (This is why I have two twitter accounts!)
  • Youtube. Why would you film yourself rambling on for 10 minutes about your summer essentials, what you bought that month or what you've used up?
  • Getting paid. This kind of ties into all the points. They just don't get it. They don't get all of it, from the amount of time blogging takes, the effort and even sometimes the sweat and tears..the idea of getting paid doesn't compute to non-bloggers and even to new new bloggers.
  • Once you start blogging, the idea of not blogging doesn't make sense.
As you know I'm trying to add some variation to my content so if you hate this type of post, then please say so! Ill be back at the weekend with an outfit and a review which are a bit more traditional (?) for my blog, so don't worry :)

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  1. I LOVE this!
    You should do more posts quite similar!
    Really good read :D

    Kelly ||

    1. Ill try to Kelly! If you have any suggestions, please feel free :)

  2. I love this and totally agree with so many of them!
    Definitely need the two twitter accounts, and the constant taking photos, and I don't even bother talking to most of my friends about blogging anymore as they just don't get it haha! :)

    1. My friends still dont know about my blog, so i NEED the two twitters! haha

  3. THIS IS SO TRUE. My friends tease me about my 'blogging friends' saying their just internet people, but they're so much more than that!!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. I talk to my blogging friend every day too - my boyfriend can't get his head around it! Even though he's met them and they're now invited out with my 'real' friends. He is like ooooh the internet friends haha

    1. oh god..see my family have accepted some of them now which is good :)

  5. Spot on, girly. Seriously.

  6. Brilliant post! I'm still pretty new to blogging but I can see my opinions change the longer I am a blogger!

    Helen x

    1. i remember that transition! Although im still new, just 8 months :)

  7. I love this! I totally understand where you're coming from, even my best friends don't understand my blogging habits sometimes :) Jade xx

  8. This post was so funny and relatable ha, it's so true the points you make I feel like it was a conversation between me and my mates. Great stuff, keep it up :-)

    Fagan x x x

  9. You have hit the nail on the head with this post!!

    Carrie xxx

  10. Great post I love this!! I've only been blogging for a short time but I have already got my "blogging friends" and feel as if its a part of me. Well said!!

  11. Oh sorry but please check out my blog.

  12. ahah such a good post and so true :) Xx

  13. I enjoyed this post, so glad i started a blog :-)


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