Bourjois Cream Blush 03 Tender Rose

Bourjois has always been a brand that I've dipped in and out of, never really being a true fan of but the idea of french make up and skincare is the ultimate luxury isn't it? I've got several of their eyeshadows and blushes which are regularly used so when Bourjois released four cream blushes, I just had to pick one up. There was a Superdrug 3 for 2 offer on at the time so I decided to just pick one shade and not go over board and sadly, Im glad thats all I bought as, for me, this is such a hit and miss product. In fact I bought this ages ago, when it first came out, tried it a few times and then stuck it in a draw and have only just got back round to it.

The cream blushes come in four shade. Two pink based shades and two orange/coral based, in different strengths. I went for the stronger pink colour, 03 Tender Rose. The formula is a lovely creamy texture. This goes on well, looks amazing and I always get compliments on my make up when I wear this. What is disappointing for me is the longevity of the product. For me this lasts about an hour. I use a good primer, setting spray, the lot. You name it, I do it to help keep my make-up in place. It helps but it doesn't solve the problem. I expect to re-apply a blush on my lunch break and top up concealer etc but I've been known to look flat as a pancake faced by the time I get to work which just isn't acceptable for me. This isn't lip balm, this isn't something that I don't expect to last. Secondly the pan is so small that the few times I have bitten the bullet and worn it out, that when you're re-applying every hour/when you have the chance, you start to whizz through the amount of product, which when it's cream, its doesn't go as far. So I fear for the longevity of this product for me. It just doesn't seem like it's going to live up to any reasonably cost per wear ratio considering the amount of top ups needed!

On top of the colour there is one more pro though. Because I always apply cream blushes with my fingers, this does reduce the amount of brushes I need on the go. Not a big thing, but always something to think about! What did you think of the Bourjois Cream Blushes? Let me know if you have any tips on keeping this beautiful colour on my cheeks!

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  1. I like hand swatches, I don't really like plastering my face all over my blog too often! I keep meaning to pick one of these up because typically me and cream blushes don't get on, but I'm hoping this could be the changer! Great review :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Im glad you dont mind the hand swatches! Theyre really easy to apply and hopefully will last longer on you :)

  2. Hand swatches totally fine! for me the most important thing is being able to see the colour properly, the pigmentation and if lucky the texture..
    Now I heard so much about those blushes..truth is that I have few Bourjois eyeshadows and they all have the same problem you described in you review..gorgeous but they don't really last long..some are more pigmented than others but generally I have stopped buying them now for that exact reason..
    Thanks for sharing this review :)

    Ila x

    1. thanks for your opinion! Thankfully no one has said they hate them, cause I prefer them to lip/face swatches!
      Yeah i've found that with their eyeshadows too..interesting!


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