Maxfactor Colour Elixir Giant Lip Sticks

Hey guys, so I am sorry that today is another review post but if you follow me on twitter than you'll know I've been super sick (just a cold but I have a history of asthma, chest infections and that type of nasty stuff) so I tend to get a little sicker/be more of a wimp when it comes to these things and rather than no post at all I thought I'd review a product I've had for a while now.

Maxfactor are another brand that I've neglected up until recently but when I saw the Colour Elixir Giant Lip Sticks and swatched them in store I knew I had to have them. I picked up the Vibrant Pink colour first, loved it and then went back and bought Princess Rose, which I wear a lot less but Im still glad I picked it up for my collection.

Colour Elixir Giant Lip Sticks in Vibrant Pink and Princess Rose - Maxfactor

As you can see the packaging is a pen/pencil sort of set up and these are rather large. I need the bigger hole of my pencil sharpener for these. The packaging is simple, easy to pop in a bag and looks pretty good, plus you can see the colour of the product on both ends - always helpful.

The formula is creamy and has a shine to it. Princess Rose has a bit more of a texture to it, probably due to the glitter, but they're a thick consistency that doesn't smudge easily or get too sticky. Just to warn you, Vibrant pink stains both lips (easy to remove with a good cleanser) and clothing. What is good about these is how long they last; they last forever. I was recently in Edinburgh and went and tried a new lipstick at a counter, after less than two hours and food it was gone. I then took that off, applied my vibrant pink and that lasted the rest of the day. Perfect!

I really love the vibrant pink but the princess rose is a little less wearable. Its the shade, its just a bit too princess-y, if that makes sense? But still a great colour and a welcome addition to my collection. Longevity wise I imagine these to last a long time. Having used them for several weeks, I've only had to sharpen once so I can see these lasting up to and including a year with regular use as they last so long when they're on too. 

Have you tried these yet? What are your favourite shades? Im looking to pick up passionate red and subtle coral too :)

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  1. Hi,

    Found you via twitter - #bbloggers

    new follower :)

    i haven't checked out maxfactor in ages, i think i should now lol

    come and check out my blog if you'd like to :)

    1. such a great new colour range. I cant wait to try their other products :)

  2. Such pretty colours, might have to check them out :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx

  3. Such pretty colours, might have to check them out :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx

  4. I love the look of these! I always ignore Max Factor in shops, I'm not sure why but I'm going to swatch these tomorrow now (still on my spending ban!) x


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