Revlon Nail Art French Mix in Moonstruck

Nail Art French Mix in Moonstruck - Revlon

Hey guys, sorry that its another review post today, it seems like my blog is going to be a little beauty heavy until next week but then I promise ill be back with a lovely post about my time at the fringe this coming week  - SO FRIGGING EXCITED! But on to the review.. whups.

Revlon are not really a brand I bought a lot from until I started blogging. Now I love their lip butters, cream blushes and now I'm moving onto their nail varnish collections. The French Mix range is no longer available in stores but is on Fragrance Direct (dirt cheap as always) so if this is something fancy and you're not bothered about having the new shades then get yourself logged on and pick up a couple; you wont be disappointed.

Nail Art pens come as a double ended stick with a base colour and a more jazzy top coat/second colour depending on how you use it. In the swatches above I've showed you what each colour looks like separately and then together in the middle. I loved the darker purple so much, which is not like me, that I just used the lighter colour for a couple of feature nails. I loved it and I plan to do my nails like this many a time. In fact while writing this post I got distracted and almost bought more off FD. 

The formula is thick with tiny specs of glitter making it not the smoothest to apply but easy to get a good coverage. The finish is obviously not the smoothest either, but with a good top coat they look amazing and stay for several days, up to a week. When removing, the glitter and the texture can be a struggle without a lot of nail polish remover and pads but thats to be expected and isn't any worse than any other glitter nail polish I've used before. 

Over all a great product and easily useable with other nail products, brushes etc create even more interesting looks. Will you be trying some french mix? :)

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  1. This is such a good idea, I've seen them in Boots but don't want to spend £7 on them. I'm gonna have to look on FD now!


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