Sleek Candy Collection I Divine I Candy

Sleek Candy Collection I Divine in  I Candy

Hey guys, another review post for you today. As I've already reviewed the Sleek Blush by 3 in Sweet Cheeks from the same Candy Collection, I thought I would quickly review the matching eyeshadow palette just incase they're discontinued soon as they are limited edition. This and all the I Divine palettes retail at £7.99 for 12 shades in complimenting colours (theres no weight on the packaging sadly). 

The Sleek Candy Collection I Divine Palette in I Candy is the eyeshadow palette from the collection and first eyeshadows I've bought from Sleek. I was super impressed with the again lovely packaging in matte black and the large mirror. I don't think I can really fault the Sleek packaging in general, except for that it gets dirty quickly as product seems to stick to it easily. Sleek do many I Divine palettes as well as Molten Metal duos and Eye Dust pots.

The colours are a combination of matt, shimmer and pearl finishes with a wide range from black to white, greens to purples, to reds and many colours in several shades and finishes. The names are just like the Sweet Cheeks and super cute and perfect for the collection. My personal favourites have to be Apple Sour and Mint Cream as these we're the first shades I reached for. Im intrigued as to how I will work Parma Violet and Flump though, as I've never been a purple make up sort of girl but I am excited to see just how far this palette can take me out of my comfort zone especially with the shade Aniseed, a red toned pink with a lot of shimmer which breaks all of my usual rules. 

The formulations are over all good. Like most eyeshadows I did struggle to get good swatches of the matte shades but I did find they they were higher pigmented than some high street brands, such as MUA for example. Here the mattes are harder to work but not a let down for the palette. The shimmer and pearl shades are fantastic though. Super pigmented, easy to blend and you've got some great complimenting colours here too meaning you can create some amazing looks blending the colours together.

I've been using this palette to liven up my eyeshadow looks. I find myself getting bogged down in neutral shades and never really having fun with my eye looks..thanks to the I Candy palette though, this is a thing of the past - or at least till the summer is over and I recoil back into autumn shades again. I can't wait to create some amazing looks with this palette either, having just had it a week its already at the front of my collection, adding a pop of colour to give my lips a break.

Overall I'm extremely happy with my first Sleek eyeshadow purchase and this makes me a little disappointed they don't do smaller palettes, quads or duos, in the same formula for easy on the go make-up. Will you be getting from the Candy Collection before it disappears? 

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  1. What a lovely selection of shades!

    Emma x

  2. This looks like such a fun palette! I've always wanted to try sleek products. The pigmentation seems incredible. xx

  3. I've never used this, but I love hearing all about new make up products that I havent used. I get stuck in such a rut, so keeps me inspired. I might want to look into this as it sounds great! xx
    Heroine In Heels

  4. I really want this palette too! All of mine have dissappeared or been lost/given away/taken. This one looks awesome!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  5. They are gorgeous colours as soon as I get payed I have to get this!


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