A bloggers guide to London Fashion Week

Somerset house, day one.
All London Fashion Week and in the run up to, I had bloggers constantly telling me "you're so lucky to be going to Fashion Week" or tweets along those lines. But really I'm not. So heres my guide to going to fashion week, whether you've been blogging for a week or years.
Getting to London Fashion Week
Going to London Fashion Week has nothing to do with followers, if you've invitations or if you're being put up in a swanky hotel or not. If you want to go, go. Just book a hotel, stay a friends house, whatever you fancy/can afford. You don't need to have invitations to every show or to be put up in the "LFW Bloggers Apartment". Frankly thats bull. If you want to go, just go. Yes its expensive, but if you book now for next season, go with friends so you can share or crash on someones sofa then its a lot cheaper and you'll be there, in the thick of it all.

Blogger Events at London Fashion Week
Events like the New Look Refuel Room and Bloggers Love are great for bloggers and its not very hard to get an invitation to stuff like this. Let the world know you're going to be at Fashion Week and you'll get the odd invitation but my advice is to get your own invitations. Tweet the planners/pr people of companies that you know hold blogging events or are going to be there and get involved. 

Shows at London Fashion Week
I wasn't very good at this part, I left it way too late but If you get the pr contacts off the London Fashion Week site then you can specifically email the organisers of the shows at Fashion Week and get invites. Theres a few key things you need to do. One, email them specifically. Don't send out a mass email, they will ignore it. Do include details about pass collections that you liked, how you've previously covered Fashion Week ( a link and a screen grab go down nicely) and you will need a London address. Which can be a bummer, if like me, you don't live in london/near it. If you have a friend in london, ask them for a favour..if not then there are other options such as mail forwarding and getting a post box but they're expensive. 
Watching a show live at Somerset House.
The experience of London Fashion Week
Once you're there my key advice is not to be disheartened by the masses of people in the line for shows or your fellow bloggers and friends who have invites for things you wanted. The key thing to remember is your time will come and you can still watch all of the shows live on the screen in Somerset House. Just cover what you can and don't worry about accreditation just yet. London Fashion Week gets so many applications that its impossible to get accredited on your stats alone and they now take into consideration how you've covered fashion week and supported british fashion as an unaccredited blogger. So go there, absorb everything like a sponge, pray you're as lucky as I was to walk around the corner at the right time or loiter outside the right show door and have fun!

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  1. I think I'm going to do the next one. I've said for years I want to experience it but have never actually forced myself to organise anything!


  2. I´d love to do it but I just don´t know if I have the confidence to go full steam and do it like you! Good on you for having the nerve to do it - I know I wouldn´t have it in me to do it!



  3. Excellent tips!
    Hopefully next one I will be there.


  4. great post! Am going to follow some of this advice in february! http://bellamomento.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Im glad, let me know if you get there, Im hoping to go again in February too x

  5. This is a great post. I need to make sure I'm not on hols again for the next one!

    Love Zoe x

    1. Yeah, I usually plan my holidays around it haha


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