Dr Hauschka Powder Duo

Dr Hauschka Powder Duo in 02 Warm Breeze*

A really quick review for you guys as I've been super busy and not had time to write anything of real interest or take any outfit photos. Todays Product is the Dr Hauschka Powder Duo which I was given ages ago in a goodie bag. Its a Blush/Bronzer combo in one and comes with a brush in a large black palette which you can see above. The mirror is really big and handy too.

This is one of those products I wish I could wear and maybe in a lighter shade I would be able to but for me I can't really get away with it. Maybe its too dark/orange..im not sure but unless I go really really light with this I just look..well..a bit like I've tried on my mums make up and its the wrong shade completely. I do however love the packaging, love the formula, the brush is even pretty good too and its a real shame I have such a pale face. Im not going to re-gift this though as Im hoping next summer I will get to go on a lovely beach holiday at some point and then I will hopefully get to use this!

So over all a great product but not one for pale girls, or maybe just not for me! I dont know, let me know if youre a pale one like me and you managed to use this, I'd love to know how to as, like Ive said, the formula and everything else is spot on.

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  1. I have this and am also too pale, looks like I've been smudging turd on my chops.

    1. I look like im racist when i use this. I dont even know how but ive decided thats how I look!


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