Pure Body Butters Shea Butter & Apricot Oil Daily Moisturiser

Happy Sunday everyone. Todays review is of the Pure Body Butters Shea Butter & Apricot Oil Daily Moisturiser. This is a handy little product which can be used for almost anything including: 
  • Anti-aging wrinkles & frown lines
  • Skin blemishes
  • Dry or damaged skin
  • Massaging tired muscles
  • Irritated skin / dermatitis
  • Shaving soreness
  • Dry heals, elbows & knees
  • Cradle cap
  • Daily use 

It's just a 24g tub but this product goes really far and the price point is just £4.00 so its an absolute bargain for a product that can do so so much. I've mostly been using this on my body, my elbows and knees to be exact as its the perfect boost for extra dry areas of skin that need some help. I don't have particularly dry skin, just dehydrated, but I have found the odd dry patch under my eyes as winter is on its way and after a bad reaction to another brands eye cream. I've started using this over night under my eyes and slowly but surely I'm seeing this reduce.

As far as using a butter and oil on my face is concerned, I've had no problems but I already use an oil cleanser and face oil. A plus and a negative point for this product is how it melts on to the skin. Perfect for my body but on my face this glossy finish can be too much for day time so I recommend using this product at night time or on none make-up days.

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  1. this is really different, great idea though
    abi from a little dust

    1. A great product to have in the bathroom if you've got a family I imagine as it has so many uses!

  2. I use Shea butter or coconut oil on my skin all the time. It got rid of all my eczema, which I had for years. Totally swear by anything natural xxx

    1. Oh yes, its so lovely and moisturising. love it.


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