Why I Started Blogging & How to Suck the Fun Out of Everything

I started blogging about 10 months ago. My first blog post was terrible and posted back in December last year but really I started taking blogging seriously in January/Feb. I started blogging as something for me, something which was completely and utterly for me. I was living with an abusive parent (and had been for the best part of 24 years, but we won't go into detail), suffering from PTSD and in the middle of the worst year of my life when my friend asked me to guest post for her (she now no longer blogs, which is sad). I took outfit photos and really enjoyed it. So I started my own blog. I learnt quickly about the hash tag chats, how to schedule tweets and how to make something from my blog.

Now I'm working practically full time, if not every day, and I still find the time to write my little 4 articles a week. Some of them are including free stuff I've received, others are sponsored posts, most are just me wanting to blog about a specific subject. I made friends, some really good ones too, at events and through twitter and "community". 

Sadly, as with any predominately girl based "community" there is a hell of a lot of bitchiness, myself included (Im not that deluded that I think I'm perfect, far from it) and general behaviour that I would associate with high school girls. So here it is, in the most light hearted way I could think of, my guide on How to suck the fun out of everything..Or more specifically blogging.

    because who doesn't love a blogging cat?
  • Follow people you don't like. Be it on twitter, their blog, facebook, where ever. How can you do the following steps if you don't see EVERYTHING THEY EVER POST EVER just incase theres something you don't agree with.
  • Obsess over every single tweet, status etc. Try to decode what they're thinking and always assume the worst of them.
  • Build up the hatred for as many of these bloggers that you don't like as you can. Let it build up and fester and waste as much of your own pointless life on it as possible.
  • Join a popular troll forum and bitch away.
  • Make sure you pick on whatever their weakness is. Be it an eating disorder, a holiday, how many sponsored posts they write because they work part time/full time on minimum wage.
  • Whenever they try to defend themselves, just keep on attacking. They're not real people and they don't have real emotions. 
  • Explain to them that because they have a blog it is a public duty to only write specific posts. How dare you write what you want on YOUR website.
  • Explain that because they have a website, twitter etc. that they have opened them selves up to judgement, criticism, personal threats and general emotional abuse. If they have a personal account for social media, completely unassociated with their blog, then that should also be thrown in the mix and included in the judging. 
  • Finally, once you've destroyed the self confidence of a blogger or two, made one take a break from blogging, make another stop eating for two days, make another one cry on their holiday, bask in your glory. Cause that was SUCH a fantastic and productive use of your time.

This is the first and only time I will address this on my blog. If anyone has constructive feedback on my blog, twitter, facebook etc. then please do comment or email me. I love to know your thoughts and I always want to improve but I will not be beaten down by bullies. I will also not hold my tongue when I have dear friends of mine heartbroken because of a website.

I started my blog for me and it is still for me. I will continue to post and tweet what I like. If you don't like something that I post then please just unfollow. I won't be offended. People unfollow for my twitter and a few from my blog as well and I don't take it to heart. There have been hundreds of blogs that I've read and I've decided were not for me and thats okay. What I am going to change is how I read blogs. Im going to tell people what I loved, retweet great posts and help to be a part of the supportive community that we should be. 

Blogging should be fun. We all have similar interests and are all intelligent people, thats why we write and love to write and thats what its about. I hope you all take this in the spirit it was intended. 

*braces for abuse* 


  1. You're only saying what we're all thinking sista!

  2. WELL DONE!! never a truer word said, these people really need to think about what they are doing with themselves and good on you for taking a stand!

    1. Thanks Genna, glad that the general feedback has been positive!

  3. Well done Alice. I love love your blog and use loads of your tips.I think its fantastic what you do so keep it up! I wish i still blogged. I just wasn't very good at the design of it so I stopped. Maybe someone will teach me properly! Kim xxx

    1. Awh thanks Kim. After Christmas, as I work in retail and am crazy busy, we should catch up or something and I can give you a hand with your blog if you wanted? would be great to have you back!

    2. that sounds great to me. give me a message on facebook xxx

  4. ooh girls being bitchy....never.... tis all true though xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. This post was amazing! I have seen so many people hiding behind their computer screen and making a judgement on someone they have never met. There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and just being a bitch. I don't understand why women feel the need to put down other women (I am sure men do it too but in my personal experience it has always been women towards me).

    I just discovered your blog and I love it ad hope you keep blogging! Your lifestyle posts are my favorite <3
    Hope you have a great day and stay positive during the Christmas rush (I have worked in retail and I know it can get mad crazy haha), you have gained a new follower!
    Lots of love <3



  6. Not a truer word said, and I to lived with an abusive parent, who I've cut off now, but I will never let myself be down trodden again, thank you xxx


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