No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask for Dry/Very Dry Skin

No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask Dry/Very Dry Skin - Boots

If you're like me and don't particularly have a skin type, but skin that changes throughout the year then at this horrible time of year your skin will be busting for a drink. Between the heating, air conditioning, icy winds and staff parties, my skin has been crying out for a little boost and when I saw that boots had 3 for 2 on skincare a while back (I've had this mask about 6 weeks now), I decided to give the Hydration Mask a go.

I'd never tried a hydration mask, or really even knew they existed. For my acne prone skin when I was younger I always assumed that moisture and oil was the enemy and would use harsh products in my teens to keep the break outs at bay. Now, no matter what the issue with my skin, I just love slapping on some thick cream and having a litre of extra water to help keep everything plump. Im rambling of course but this is all to give you the background of me using this product: I'd never used a Hydration Mask before this one. So I cant compare it to the Origins Drink Up mask, or the Clarins Hydraquench Mask; I've never tried them.

As a bit of a skincare newbie in the Beauty Blogging world, trying new types of products is always a little bit daunting. It was the same with a face oil, I was pretty worried this wouldn't work for my skin, break me out (as moisture was the enemy) or it would be a complete waste of time. When I put it on, after cleansing my skin, I was pleasantly surprised. The mask has a gel like formula. As you can see above its swirls of pink in a clear gel which mix together and create a pale pink/white cream. Simply slap it on and leave it for 10 minutes (or longer, I've used this for an hour and its been wonderful) and this left my skin feeling smooth but more importantly plump. Like a big glass of water after a long walk in the sun, this was the big drink my skin had been longing for. I can't even think of a down side to the product as even the price point is great (£12.50 full price, although boots regularly have offers) and the product isn't sticky and doesn't leave your face greasy or any of the other things I would look out for when using a product of this type.

Overall a fantastic product and one I don't think I could be without now. I typically use this mask once a week, either after a cleansing mask or just when my skin needs a hydration boost. Let me know which hydration mask you've been loving or whether you'd give this budget buy a try!

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