The Naked 3 Palette

Yes, another Naked 3 post, I know. How Original? But for me, I've never owned a Naked Palette so this is a a crazy exciting thing for me. This is actually my Christmas Present to myself. Being an adult, being estranged from a parent and all that jazz means I know won't get as much this year and rightly so, so here I am treating myself to possibly my favourite thing this year; The Naked 3.

We've all heard the sales pitch: 12 Brand new colours in Rose Gold hues. The Naked 3 finishes off the trilogy of palettes which now pretty much caters for all tastes and eye colours. The Naked 3 comes boxed with 4 samples of the 4 types of primer potion. The palette itself is a tin, similar to the Naked 2 (I know we all wish they would repackage the original to match but Im not sure they ever will) and therefore is pretty hard wearing. As you can see the tin itself is a beautiful rose gold shimmery thing and comes with a very handy brush (although I'm get to use it, maybe next time I go away Ill see if i can rely on just that brush rather than my real techniques).

Having owned the MUA dupes of Naked 1 & 2 I can say with confidence I understand the hype around the Urban Decay Originals. Theres a distinct difference in quality and rightly so. The MUA dupes retail at £4 while the Urban Decay beauties at a whopping £37. This does equal £3 an eyeshadow though, which is astonishing value for such a high quality product. I don't think I know of any high street brand that can offer eyeshadows in the same vein that are just £3 per shadow.

As you can see from the swatches these are highly pigmented and a little does go a long way. Theres a great range of shimmers, mattes etc. and shades from the matte shade Strange, the perfect skin but better colour, Buzz, a shimmery pinky beautiful shade and Darkside which has a slight shimmer but gorgeous in the crease for a heavy smokey eye. I probably couldn't count the amount of looks I could achieve with the Naked 3. So far i've been creating pretty day time looks but I know over Christmas and New year Ill be darkening out my eyes and really experimenting. 

Over all a stunning palette and a wonderful edition to my collection. As I said previously its £37 from the usual places, Debenhams, House of Fraser Urban Decay themselves but I myself got my hands on one of these for just £32 because of my Debenhams Beauty Card, a scheme which is well worth it if you're a regular buyer of high end products you can only get from a department store.

Let me know if the Naked 3 is going to make it's way into your collection, or what other items you're treating yourself to this Christmas!

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  1. My boyfriend has treated me to this for Christmas and I've never tried any of the other Naked palettes before! I'm looking forward to trying it out :) xxx

  2. Yep, the more I see it, the more I think I need it x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. this is amazing- I have it too. It works for me as the shades are no too harsh. great post x


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