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A lip cream is not something that I had ever tried before so when I saw the Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip creams, I just had to try them. Not only that but they're we're on 3 for 2. I can't argue with that. What drew me to them was the very bright pink, Brink Pink, and the purple, Fandango Purple. I love bright colours and although I think its maybe slightly the wrong time of year to purchase these as winter normally calls for darker hues, I'm still glad they're in my collection.

The packaging is simple and classic in true Sleek form. Clear square tubes with a matte black lid show you the colour of the product making these stand out a little from the usual sleek product. In the standard annoying way that Superdrug always do, they covered them in sellotape. This sticky is extremely hard to remove so I am sorry for the presence of it in my photos. Theres not a lot I can do, other than scrub my lip creams.

The product itself is a rich creamy formula. It goes on like paint. Thick but not sticky, these really do dry matte and once they're matte they don't budge. Not for love nor money. I have to use my micelllar solution to remove this and had to do the same for my hand swatches too. This is great if you're wanting a product that will last all/most of the day (a little came off once while I was using a straw to drink), maybe a bit annoying if you're a quick make up off person. I myself double cleanse so this is no hassle at all. I guess thats personal preference.

Sadly these are drying. I find myself needing a lip balm, which is not the biggest crime for a matte lip product but it does take away from the matte finish which is the a bigger crime. 

Overall, you get what you pay for. The Sleek Make up isn't expensive and these will still get used but maybe not as much as my Mac Matte lipsticks although I am still so glad I have these in my collection, no doubt they will be used a lot more in S/S '14.

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  1. Beautiful shades and the formula sounds great. Sleek is such a great brand! Xx

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