The Body Colour Crush Lipsticks in 220, 105 & 240

Colour Crush Lipsticks in 220, 105 & 240 - The Body Shop

I have so much make up to review its ridiculous so here I am, making my first dent in the pile of 2014. The Body Shop released these colour crush lipsticks back in summer 2013 and I got them towards the start of Autumn. These are highly pigmented hydrating lipsticks which come in a wide range of colours. I personally like to have a mini collection of each brand of lipstick I like so I purchased three in a nude, orange & purple shade (220, 105 & 240) to cover most of my bases quickly.

The nude, 220, is a thick almost foundation lip type colour and not one I would normally go for. I figured it would be more pink than it is in real life but I've still managed to wear this a few times going lightly will it to give my lips a light tint of colour rather than a thick sweep, which could look tacky.

The orange, 105, is possibly my favourite shade of the three. Its a bright coral orange, perfect for summer and I really hope that trend continues in 2014. Ill be honest, I may just keep on wearing it regardless. The best part of this shade is that because the colour crushes are so pigmented and hydrating, the orange colour looks so glossy and delicious, its the perfect combination.

The purple, 240, was an after thought. I wasn't sure what else to pick and had recently purchased rebel but wasn't sure if I was that into purple lipsticks at the time. Now I'm so glad I bought this because its the perfect winter lippy. Glossy but dark, so hydrating my lips against air con/central heating but still a dark broody colour which is something I love come A/W.

The formula of these is again, so hydrating and glossy. They normally last a good amount of time if not eating or drinking. Because they're so glossy they can slip a little and all but come off when eating so not the best all day lipstick but a pretty good one if you don't mind re-applying and use a lip pencil.

Overall a great mid range lipstick collection, one I will probably add to at some point. These retail at just £10 each and are available in store and online.

What do you think of the Colour Crush range? What shades would you buy?

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  1. Those lipsticks are gorgeous, the colours are amazing!

    Sophie x

  2. The dark one is so gorgeous! :))


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