Napsugar Presentation & Ones to Watch with Fashion Scout

Day one at London Fashion Week went so quickly. I attended several shows so in order to make them easier to read and for my own sanity, I've split them into different posts as theres just way too much content to put out all at once.

The first thing I'll cover is the Napsugar Presentation. I'd never been to presentation before and basically it's a show space where models come out and present the clothing collection and people can come and go as they please. For Nap Sugar it was packed, I even had someone rest their lens on my head (cheeky) so we stayed for about 10-15 minutes, saw a good amount of outfits and left.

As you can see from the photographs, bold colours we're strong here. I love the blue. It reminds me of the blue in my coat from my outfit on day 1. I really like the socks, the shorts and combination of layers and fabrics. I also love the pop art theme of the set and the mixture of the playful with the smart tailored looks.

Next was Ones to Watch. A series of collection from up and coming Designers. These included Sarah Ruan, Carrie Ann Stein, Hiroko and George Styler. Naturally these are the new designers to watch out for, many coming back with their own Fashion Scout Shows in later seasons. This year was a jumble of knitted smurf style hats, dresses, crazy jackers and headwear, lots of braids and an astonishing amount of embellishment. I can't wait to see what these designers come up with next season as their style develops. I really liked hoe George Styler played with shapes. Although the least wearable of the collections in every day life, it was the one that really pushed the boundaries a little bit more for me and I can see that type of embellishment and the patterns filtering through to the high street.

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