Pam Hogg with Fashion Scout

Sorry these posts are coming out so late. Im try to speed them up now and not write as much as planned just get them out before its crazy late. As you might know I've been very sick this week. I came down with norovirus on Monday night after work and spent several days sick or in bed. Im finally feeling slightly better and wanting to blog so here I am. Sorry there will be no new outfit posts or youtube for a while. I just look like death, obviously.

So here we are Pam Hogg. Amazing designer. Always one of my personal "ones to watch" and a great role model for the fashion world. This whole collection as you will see is all for the benefit of the Pussy Riot group in Russia and it has some amazing elements which make that clear even without the placards and banners.

I won't say much else, other than wowza. I really love the delicate details of the final parts of the collection. The head dresses and the way she's developed the Pussy Riot trademark of the colourful balaclavas and simple cut dresses into pom pom covered hats and cat suits. Plus the wigs are amazing too. A fantastic show and well worth standing in the rain for an hour on the Friday evening.

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