Bourjois Happy Light Concealer

Happy Light Concealer in 21 Ivoire - Bourjois

Today I'm reviewing one of my current favourite products..sorry, that was a bit of a spoiler. But when ever I feature something in a you tube video I feel I should of reviewed it by then and well I haven't yet so here we go.

Bourjois came out with the Happy Light range back in October and I quickly snapped up the whole collection. Primer, Foundation and this concealer. I won't go into the other products but lets just say I quickly became addicted to the range and the flawless coverage the three step system gave me. The concealer is small compact with a little mirror, perfect for quick touch ups and comes in two shades at 2.5g a tub.  I picked up shade "21 Ivoire" and went to town on my under eye circles. 

I suffer from terrible under eye circles and always have but six months with no sleep really took their toll and all the eye products in the world barely help so it's a miracle I love this so much. The formula is thick, almost cakey but thankfully just the right side of that fine line. This does a great job of covering my circles in just one application after foundation.

It is on the other hand, drying. This is not the best if you suffer from dehydrated or dry skin so I would recommend using a good eye cream before and also smoothing it out for time to time if like me you suffer from expression lines (or worse, wrinkles..thank god I don't have them yet!). I also use this on blemishes. I find it stays put longer than other concealers and blends easer too. Its become my one and only concealer over the past few months..which is a bit shocking.

Over all though a great concealer and one to definitely try if you're still looking for that perfect under eye coverage.

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