Bourjois UNE Brow Pencil in B03

UNE Brow Pencil in B03 - Bourjois

I get asked countless times what I use on my brows so here I am reviewing a product that I've been using for over 6 months and still not shared my thoughts on. I spotted the UNE Brow Pencil on fragrance direct and it's dirt cheap, like £1.99 or maybe even less. I figured that if it was rubbish then at least I havnt wasted any significant amount of money.

Its a standard pencil, the type I normally don't like for my brows. I usually got for a wax, powder, gel type of routine but not since I bought this. The pencil is square, which is a little different and the packaging is pretty standard. Brown and white. The product itself is a slightly creamy consistency which glides on well. It's a pretty good match for my brows, if not slightly darker but it looks very natural when on but defined.

You can go a little bit too far with this and end up looking like you've got an eyebrow problem but really thats just down to poor application. If you go lightly and carefully this won't happen, like with any pencil. Thankfully cause its a creamy product it goes on neatly and doesn't drag either.

Over all a fantastic product, one which I've already re-purchased and plan to do so for many pencils to come.

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