ImPRESS Press-on Manicure

Press on Manicure, French - imPRESS*

I got these ages ago at an event and hadn't tried them but recently wanted my nails to look nice without damaging them. The imPRESS nails stick on and they don't need glue (apparently) so they seemed like the perfect choice.

They come in a nail varnish shaped container and are pleasant enough to look at. The French Manicure were the ones I was most likely to try out of the other bright and garish designs I'd seen. They matched pretty well size wise so I was excited to pop these on before a date, hoping they would at least last the night.

I applied them to clean dry nails, holding each one firmly down to increase the likely hood of good application. Once I was half way through one on my right hand started to come off. I hadn't even finished applying the other hand yet. I got them all on, managed to brush my hair but as I was popping on my trousers another two came off. I was so fed up with them by the time I was dress that I took them off and just applied a top coat to my natural nails. I didn't even have a chance to take a photograph of them on my fingers to show you. I was beyond disappointed.

So very pretty, but last up to a week? Not a chance!

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  1. I've gotten 5 days out of them, my nails must be right cling on's haha x

  2. Ooh I have read mixed reviews on these, not something I would wear or buy because I think they would annoy me x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. That's strange, I tried these a few months ago and they lasted for 4 days until I had to take them off. Did you use the cleansing pad that came in the packet? x


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