Empties vol.1

I've not written an empties post, pretty much, ever. I always kept these for videos but Im rubbish at filming and even writing for that matter so here are my recent empties. I had a good clear out and I had kept a few of these things for this post so here we go.

Bumble & Bumble Dryspun thickening spray.
I love this. Its the perfect hair spray for me. I dont use hair spray for hold, as in to stick fly aways down or anything like that. I use it for texture and hold as in volume so this is great for giving my hair the texture it needs as when its first washed its super fluffy but then when its straightened it goes super flat. This fixes that.

Origins Make a Difference Serum.
I've not repurchased this. Im not sure why, I did like it. Im currently using a different serum, which you'll see in another post soon, but I did like this and use it again. I think I felt I used it up pretty quickly.

Pantene Split End Serum.
Im still using the very very end of this. I picked it up when it was reduced in the supermarket as I'm always picking up cheap masks and oils and its been pretty good. I've used it on dry hair, normally when its been subjected to heat and I want to make up for that fact. Its not too thick and I would buy this again - although I'm not sure if its been discontinued or not.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile.
I'm still using this, albeit a new bottle and Im 100% sure I'll be buying the bigger bottle next time. I use this at least once if not twice a day at the moment.

Johnsons Face Care Make-Up Be Gone Moisturising wipes.
Naughty Blogger, I know. I don't use these, they're an emergency stash for drunk Alice and sick Alice but these have completely dried out and I won't be using them again. I would pick these up again, they do seem to leave the skin feeling nice but I would (if sober) cleanse after these (as I would if I used make up remover or micellar water) to feel properly clean.

So thats what I've finished off recently. Let me know what other posts you'd like and also if you hate the fish tank set up. Its my only clear area but if everyone hates it I'm sure I can find another place to shoot.

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  1. I've heard good things about the bumble and bumble spray!


    1. it's so good! I always re-buy. this might be my third or fourth can of it now, I cant remember?


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