The Mini Facial

On monday I start my new job - yay! and in the mean time I have a few days off to get myself, the house and my head in order. Today I had a big clear out of my beauty draws. I have two stacks of 5. One in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. My boyfriend has a draw in each so really I have 8 draws filled with skin care, hair care, unopened make up, hair dye, body name it. I found some awesome products I'd not used for a while and decided to give myself a mini facial ready for next week and share with you the products ill be using (Im sat with stage two on right now)

Step One - Cleanse.
This isnt going to rocket science. Take everything off your skin. Make up, dirt from the night before (in my case), just take it off. This morning I used my Superdrug Brightening Hot cloth cleanser. Its super cheap but probably the best cleanser I've ever used.

Step Two - Deep Cleanse
I like to use masks as a treat and right now, this very second, I have Origins Clear Improvement Mask on. Its a charcoal mask, it feels cold and its meant to draw the impurities out of the skin.

Step Three - Exfoliate
I use two steps here, you can always use just one. I use the Olay Regenerist face brush to lightly massage the skin (it comes with a little cleanser) and to take away any flakes or dead skin cells.I then use Elemis Papaya Enzyme peel to take off anything else. This is super gentle and leaves my skin so bright.

Step Four - Moisturise
I use the No7 Beautiful Skin Hydrating Mask for the face and then the Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye mask for the delicate eye area. Tissue off when done (about 10 minutes) and then finish off with a nice serum, oil or moisturiser. Im not leaving the house till much later today so I'll probably do all three to lock in the moisture and hard work I've put in.

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