Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry

As a lover of bleach I know I have to look after my hair. Currently Im tackling some serious breakage after months of stress and over styling my hair. I've recently changed careers to much nicer, calmer and less demanding role. I no longer client face, ever, so I don't have to have perfect hair for shows and actually theres a lot less of that type of office girlie competition shite going on too so If I want to leave my hair for 4 days and have it messy, I can.

All the above means that Im currently in a healing stage of my hair. I tell you all this now so that the review has a little context. I've bleached my hair for years and used straighteners regularly too, normally once or twice a week mostly because thats how much I wash my hair. I currently use a hair growth shampoo (for at least 2 months now), intensive conditioner (since forever) and either blow dry my hair straight, leave it to try naturally and then straighten it or I let it go wavy using heat protection and a hair oil.

Now on to the review.

The Bumble and Bumble range is an expensive one for most people. At £23 a pop in boots the blow drying range has not been one that I've indulged in until now. Now I mean serious business. I want long, strong and healthy hair and the first step of that is to protect what I already have (after chopping off any dead that is). Naturally the Repair Blow Dry caught my eye. I took the plunge about 2/3 weeks ago now and I've used it every time I've washed my hair.

The formula is a medium thickness creamy liquid. Bit like conditioner really. Its said to be a serum in creme formula which it is. Applied to damp hair this is meant to protect your hair from heat, UV and seal split ends leaving your hair healthier after every blow dry. Since using this my hair does feel more protected. Its not shinier and it doesn't look particularly any nicer but it feels less likely to break off, the hair feels thicker. At times, when my stress was at its worst, I could literally pull my hair out and it would easily stretch and break. Since using this it doesn't feel as thin and I've not had any issues with breaking hair. So now not only am I encouraging the hair to grow but hopefully protecting what I still have on my head too.

A little pricey but a little goes a long way. I would recommend if the budget allows.

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  1. This is toooootally out of my usual budget too, but as a fellow bleach abuser I'm also trying to invest in some better products for my hair. Might just have to treat myself to this come payday!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

    1. mine too but it was worth it! And ive bought it since this ran out too


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