Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection

I know, I'm a little late to the party. Last weekend I picked up three of the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection (my bank balance is still a little sad) so here are my two-cents.

As you can see I decided to get one from each of the three mini lines. The brushes themselves have beautiful handles which are weighted and the handles are much longer than the standard brushes. They feel nicer to use and look prettier but are they better?

The 100 Arched Powder has a gold handle and a large fluffy end. I've been using this for blush. It picks up a good amount of product, not too much, and is perfect for this. I then used the other side for highlighter. I used to use my Real Techniques Blush Brush (Big fluffy brush, pink handle) which has served me well until now. The original picks up a lot more product and at times has been too much. I've not had this problem with my new bold metals Arched Powder.

The 200 Oval Shadow might be my favourite of the three and the one I'm most likely to want more than one of. This is great for across the lid and adding a flush of colour as well as blending another colour in for a simple look. This is also the cheapest of the brushes and the one I would recommend if you just wanted one to try out. I use an eyeshadow brush for under my eyes so I will try this one out and report back to see if it is dense enough but for its normal purpose this is an absolute winner.

The 300 Tapered Brush comes in beautiful rose gold and is the brush I probably use the least. All week the only use I have found for this is for contouring, something which I normally dont do every day. The brush itself is lovely though, dense but soft and easy to use. Again this picks up the almost perfect amount of product and is great for precision.

Maintenance of brushes is also very important. I cleaned all my brushes this afternoon and these were so much easier to clean than the original real techniques. I just use hot water and a body shop cream soap bar to wash mine as its gentle enough but gives them a good clean (plus at £2 a bar its not expensive). Due to the bristles being so long and fluffy it was easy to get in and clean them and they now look just like new again.

Overall i would say these are a sound investment. I will probably at some point add to my collection. The 201 Pointed Oval brush looks useful for one. Sadly none of the brushes are ones with I would do foundation with (I use my RT Buffing brush) so I will never be able to just use a full set but still, I would recommend as long as your budget allows.

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  1. I found them more difficult to wash that the originals! It took me a ruddy age to wash all of the suds out. I bought the foundation brush and the contour brush and I wasn't as impressed with either as i was with the eyeshadow ones. They are lovely!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. Ah I guess that could be a problem depending on what you use to wash them with. I do really love the eyeshadow brush, definitely a fave. I want another one, its so good!

  2. These are so pretty to look at, not sure how much longer I'll resist the urge to pick a few up! :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. I was the same so I waited till I knew which ones I wanted and had been good for a few months.

  3. Aaaaah I need these! I find washing my brushes such a chore at the moment as I still have the originals! My expert face brush has gone all hard since the last time I washed it so definitely need to invest soon :)

    Tania xo //

    1. I hate that, normally when theres soap left in mine that happens. I feel like the old ones are good, but oh boy did I not realise how good brushes could really be. And pretty!


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