Empties vol.2

Another empties post, I seem to have recently finished a ton of products and seemed to have thrown away a lot but managed to keep a few to share.

L'oreal Skin perfecting 10 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil
One of the first oil cleansers i've used. This one is good value and available everywhere pretty much but i haven't re-purchased this as I was keen to try a new brand. This one does the job but isn't as great at eye make up remover (I find all oil and balm cleansers so far struggle).

Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm
Another cleanser (I've been having a sort through and working my way through old products to use them up) that isn't great on eye make up but this one really did last forever as a little goes a long long way. No break outs or issues to report, I would buy this one again too but not too soon.

Clarins Multi Active Serum
Probably the most expensive item here, I have not re-purchased this. Its not that it wasn't good but I found that it wasn't as good value as other brands/I didn't notice a dramatic difference compared to cheaper items (this one is about £50 and normally I spend about £30). So it is good, I did like it, just not enough to splurge the cash every 4 months.

Clinique Even Better Eyes
This is the first and only eye cream I've tried which I believe really works. I have terrible under eye circles and this has made a massive difference. They're lighter in colour and less con-cave. I've got a new one of these and its possibly something I will buy forever now.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
For months and months this was my every day foundation and I do have a new one waiting but I am currently using a darker foundation as I have a bit of a tan from holiday. Im sure when my face goes back to its usual pale self and ill crack this beauty out.

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