Exante and the healthy bounty bar

Okay, so its not really a bounty bar. But i'll tell you what, its bloody close! I have recently been on a bit of a health kick. Like many gym goers getting the right nutrients, protein without over doing it on the calories and without eating something that taste like cardboard is a life long struggle. In come in Exante. I was sent a mixture of products from there range, from shakes, porridge, to chocolatey snacks.

Now I've tried a lot of protein products, from fowl shakes to cookies that I couldn't finish and I'd say over all you can't go wrong with what I've tried from Exante. They sent me the following:

*Shakes: Strawberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate & Raspberry and Chocolate flavour.
*Peach drink mix
*Strawberry Jam and yogurt crunch bar

Th foundation of the range was the meal replacement. All of the products are designed to have instead of  meal or replacing a snack. I had the shakes after the gym. They're a diet range so they suggest you make them with water but for added protein I made mind with milk. They were a little harder to mix in the shaker to get completely lump free but the flavours were pleasant and definitely not the worst I've had (I've had some disgusting ones in my time). Then the other aspect is the bars, ones like the Strawberry Jam and Yogurt Crunch Bar are designed to replace breakfast (especially if porridge isn't seasonally appropriate) I had this one more with a brew and it was a great way to get something to eat quickly in the morning, that I could manage at 6:30 but was healthy and tasty too. I normally expect things like this to have that protein taste but this wasn't like that at all. The fruit and the yogurt really came through.

If you're a bit of a sugary squash or juice lover then a good product to try would be the peach drink mix. Its a healthier option but does look a little strange as its cloudy. Its peachy enough and makes water a bit more interesting if you can't drink it alone. 

But the crown jewels of the range (that I was sent at least) is the chocolatey snacks. I am a sugar lover. Sweets, chocolate etc are my weakness. The Choco Balls serve as a great alternative. As long as you're not expecting a full, rich chocolate taste, if you have no expectations then these are amazing and actually really more-ish. I'm currently munching away on the last of them now and eyeing up how much they are on the website but I've literally been addicted. Finally the product that probably drew you to this blog post and what seemed to catch my eye the most too was the Chocolate Coconut Bar. I had this as an extra protein treat after the gym one night and it was unbelievably good. The taste is spot on. Obviously you don't get the texture of a normal coconut bar but there isn't event a hint of that normal protein taste. Just delicious chocolate coco-nutty goodness. Heaven.

This is a very impressive range and one that I wish was available locally rather than just online but they're even doing a discount on the new flavours, something I might have to take advantage of!

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