Super Simple Summer Lemonade

When I say super simple, i really do mean simple. I made this is five minutes this afternoon and thought it would be a lovely summer recipe to share as literally anyone with a blender, some lemons and sugar can make it.

To make a litre of lemonade simply roughly chop 3 unwaxed lemons and place in a blender. Add 140g of sugar, caster is better than granulated but use what you have and then add a little water. Blend until the lemons are a pulp. Once pulpy add a litre of water and re-blend. Once mixed pour the mixture through a sieve and using a wooden spoon push through as much lemony goodness as you can. Pour the liquid into a bottle. Add lemon slices if you want, I thought it looked pretty but they do just float to the top.

And it's that simple.

If you follow me on instagram then you'll know I also made a pie today. Its in the fridge waiting to be cooked after dinner but I may do another recipe soon if people like this simple one?

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  1. I love lemonade in the summer! And all year round. Who are we kidding. I would drink it all the time. When I'm at home in Canada I like to make strawberry lemonade margaritas with our margarita machine (which is basically a slorified blender). Yum.

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. omg that sounds amazing, please share that recipe! I would love to try it :)


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