Boob Appreciation

So a bit of an odd post for my blog as you will know Im not a mother and I dont plan on being for at least a couple more years (If I can avoid the lure of the tiny toes) until I get a tiny bear of my own. What I am though is a woman and supporting any network of women is something I feel passionately about.

Another thing I feel passionately about is my friends. One of my oldest and dearest friends Carrie has set up a wonderful network for mothers and mothers to be both online called Crafted Sisterhood and started what can only be described as a super supportive/ feminist movement really. She's started her own shop too called Mère Soeur (or mother sister) which sells tank tops, tote bags and boobie appreciation mugs.

This struck a cord with me, firstly because who doesn't like cartoon breasts and secondly because as a feminist there is something about the free the nipple campaign which you can't help to support. So here is my mini promotion, not just of my friend or her shop (although any extra orders I'm sure would be appreciated) but of standing up and being counted as a woman - the young, old, middle aged, a mother, a sister, a daughter or just anyone who identifies as female and a little toast to the equality of all people.

So to celebrate, here's a little giveaway. I've been away from blogging for a while and now three months into to an enjoyable return so this is for you, my loyal readers. Just because.

Also just a quick side note, Carrie had no idea I was doing this till I had already ordered from her site. So no sponsorship here at all! Just incase anyone was wondering.

Details: The giveaway will run until September 1st and a winner will be picked with the week following. once the winner has got back to me with a UK address I will pop it in the post within a week. If you dont use the entry option which asks for your details then please please leave a comment with an email or twitter I can get hold of you on. Sadly this is a UK only give away so please only enter if you can provide me with a UK address for postage. If the winner can't/doesn't within a week then I'm afraid I will have to pick another winner at random.

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  1. I've been following Carrie's Instagram for a while now and I adore her from afar and these boob mugs are just amazing!

    Nina from little nomad

  2. What a cool brand with a great message! Loving the boob appreciation mug.

    ♡ Emily from Trendpill x

    1. yeah its so unique, carrie is an amazing lady!

  3. Love this! This is exactly the kind of brand I'd love to get behind and support. I recently wrote a blog post about being 'Flat Chested & Fabulous' and so many people commented, saying they could relate. Girl power!

    Lauren x

    1. ah amazing, im going to go read your post now!


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