How to be Happy Right Now

Its the start of the bank holiday weekend. Literally, it's half 8 this morning while I write this. I've just got up early to test my new lighting (blog post coming when its been fully tested) and have an awesome weekend planned but there will be lots of people that will be waking up this weekend and they aren't very happy. It could be as simple as they don't get weekends and bank holidays off (I worked in retail for years and feel your pain), they didn't sleep or it could be something much worse. So here are the little things I do to boost my smile on a bad day.

Nothing feels better and its the perfect way to start the day. or end it for that matter.

Most people don't drink enough so they headaches or don't have as much energy as they should. Start today/this afternoon/whenever with a big glass of water. You will feel better.

Have a shower.
Seems insane but I know a lot of people that don't shower everyday and I'll admit it here if I'm having a bad day then I will skip a shower. Depression is funny that way. But theres nothing better than feeling clean and wearing fresh clean clothes. Yum.

Have a tidy up.
Tidy house, tidy mind and all that. Im not talking about fumigating the house and making it spotless, I just mean do the dishes, push the hoover around, the basics. This works for me, others it might really really not. Alternatively bully your other half, flat mate or a family member into doing it for you while you do the above or below. Double win.

Smile, laugh or do something that makes you do that.
A book, a film, some stand up, playing with the cat. Smiling and laughing boost your happy levels in the brain.

Cheat the happy with chocolate.
Chocolate is scientifically proven to make you happy. Try not to go the other way and eat so much you feel sick or guilty or disgusting (trust me, I go too far more often than not). Pizza also has a similar effect on me. You get the idea.

Eat something healthy.
We all have different levels of whats healthy for us and I'm not going to preach but eating something fresh will also help. I love salads at lunch time in work because I feel much lighter and fuller all at the same time. For other people something as simple as just having a glass of juice or an apple might be the healthiest they have been in a long time. Why not try it?

Groan. I know, I know. You're feeling crap, you don't want to do anything especially if you're not a gym person.  Why not do some of the above (maybe the shower thing in particular) and just go for a walk, even if its raining. You can put on a rain coat and wellies and just have a little walk. Fresh air and exercise is the best combo. If you are a gym person then well, go to the gym and do a work out that you enjoy but then go and sit in the sauna or hot tub (I have no hot tub, it breaks my heart) and relax.

Stop and take a moment for yourself.
If exercise isn't an option then go make yourself a drink, a snack, or just go in another room and shut the world off for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe. Sometimes the world can get so hectic even at home that you need to do this, its like a mini reset.

Have a day without your phone.
Im so guilty of being the person glued to my phone, I guess we all are in the blogging community but try and have some time off. Spend the extra time doing one of the above or interacting with some real humans. You know, face to face.

Make Lists.
If the main reason you're unhappy is something a lot worse then one, get off whatever devise your reading this on and go and get help or if thats not an option then make a list. It could be money issues (Ive been there, its terrifying) or a million things to do. Write it all down. Jobs to do, in goings, out goings, blog posts you want to write or things that are making you feel unhappy. Once you have your list you can tackle the jobs, work out where to save a little money/if you need help and how to tackle the bigger things in life. Now if this makes it worse then please please do get some help.

I don't mean literally, although obviously if budget allows then sure, why not? But what I really mean is a good book, a dvd, some music. I always find it helps after writing down problems/things to do, to just ignore them. Even if its just for 3 minutes of a favourite song.

Put some money away.
Every month I follow my own advice and I write all my in goings and out goings and I plan for the month. It's also a great way to spot where you can save money. Like, do you really need to spend £50 in boots every week? Or that coffee in starbucks every morning?  Last month I had my guys birthday, which was a milestone one so costly and I had to service my car. This month its car insurance, then soon christmas shopping begins. Its a nightmare juggling all those things but even if its a really small amount theres nothing better than putting a little bit of money away for something much better in the future. In my case its practical things like new carpets and eventually a bigger deposit for a bigger house when we decide to extend our family but also its nice knowing I have money for a holiday or a treat if I really need one.

Spend some money.
This could be a couple of quid on your favourite chocolate bar (see above), a magazine, a new album, dvd, a trip somewhere..what ever it is. Do something nice for yourself, which is a luxury lots of people don't have at the moment.

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  1. Love this! & I love that you listed 'tidy up' - I feel SO stressed when my bedroom is messy and it can instantly be relieved by just picking all my crap up off the floor and making my bed

    Lauren x

    1. Some times the simplest advice helps the most i think :)


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