My Personal Trainer Experience

My Personal Trainer Experience - and what you need to know is a post that well I struggled to find before I got one. I go to the gym 3 times a week and struggle to do enough cardio due to a bad leg from an accident and also from lack of motivation (because well, who doesn't). So when I joined a new gym I didn't really know what to expect when I got one free hour. So heres my experience so far and a whole load of other tips etc.

So I had a free session, more like an assessment and I really liked It. I have injuries so mostly it was her finding my limitations and working out a plan. I then signed up to a set amount of sessions but enjoyed it so much that over 2 months later we still have a session a week. My pt is called Lindsay and she shows me pictures of her cat and things too.

Sessions are 40 minutes and I have one a week.  Sessions focus on a specific area such as legs, arms, back, core and sometimes we do a little bit of a mix. Most sessions are weights heavy and single sided exercises which are great for building up each side equally. If something hurts then we have do exercises to mobilise it and sometimes she will stick a finger in the bit of shoulder that hurts to find the pressure point (Im sure its more technical than that) but mostly its all about building up my bad side.

The best part of having a trainer is the amount you learn. There are exercises I never dreamt I would do. Just the other night we did a completely new exercise, dead lifts, which I never thought I would do but the encouragement and help from Lindsay was awesome. Over the last 2/3 months I've learnt so much and done so many different things. So heres a few general tips for if you want to get one too.

1. If you have a budget or time scale, tell them.
This is something I'm struggling with; I don't know when to stop. Im really enjoying having a trainer but realistically I can't afford one for ever. Don't be afraid to say you only have enough money for x amount of sessions.

2. Be clear about your goals.
It might not be money but if you want to achieve one thing in particular then tell them, so you can aim for that.

3. If you don't like an exercise, say so.
I don't like everything that we do in the sessions and I make it pretty clear if I don't want to do something again.

4. Tell them if something hurts.
I have injuries so I have to but don't let someone push you too far. An injury could damage your progress more than not pushing yourself enough.

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