St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan

A tad late to the game maybe but I have been trying to use the new (ish) St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan for a while before condemning it. In case you didn't know this is a gradual tan you use after/during showering. Simply wash then turn the water off/hop out of the shower. Slather on the tan and wait three minutes and rinse it off.

Firstly the good bit: Im not really into tanning so as a gateway product (like drugs, but not dangerous) this gradual tan was great. Easy to use, no streaking, no problems. There was one time where my cat rubbed his head against my leg while I had it on and he got a tanned ear but other than that, fine.

Sadly though the real reason for no steaks is that this gives me no colour at all. I have a tan from going to egypt  and I thought this would be great for evening out tan lines, maintaining my tan etc but actually it just did nothing. In fact this made my skin, which is normally strangely soft for someone who rarely using body lotion/butter, very dry. I used this during my before bed shower and would instantly feel dry and wake up in the morning still feeling dry. It would only be by the end of the day that I would feel normal again. yikes.

So sadly not a winner for me. Maybe I need to try more hardcore products to get the colour I thought I would get from this.

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  1. thats a real shame it didn't work for you, I had high hopes for it! Xx

    1. yeah let me know if you tried it and had any better joy with it?


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