How to Deal with Stress

I am the worst at this. Im not even sure why I think I have any authority to write this because right now I'm very very stressed (Due to work mostly) but here's what I've been doing and what's helped the most the past few weeks.

Your Health
Stress really effects your health so make sure no matter what stressing you out that you that you look after your self. Water, taking your medications, getting enough sleep, what ever it takes. You'll feel even worse if you get dehydrated and have a headache on top of all that stress or you've not slept for days. Try.

If you can, organise yourself so you can get through the stressful amount of work/moving house/course work/whatever as easily as possible. Whether its a revision/study time table, a packing schedule (moving house is one of the most stressful times in a persons life, even more so if you're buying a house and if its in a chain, well, you're done for!) making sure its in sizeable chunks can help.

Budgeting/Keeping track of your money.
If its financial stress (because well, the economy) then working out a monthly budget can really help. Its a bit sad (perhaps) but I have an excel spreadsheet where I have all my monthly in-goings, out-goings etc and I can track how much I can spend on christmas, birthdays, into savings, pay off credit card and anything else I need. Its great knowing where I am now and because I've done it for 2016 I know when money is more tight, due to my car service, mot, peoples birthdays and budget for it accordingly.

Take a Break
What ever it is causing the stress, take some time out from it. Even half an hour of your favourite tv show can help, a few chapters of a good book, just get some escapism (especially good if the stress is caused by something which you have no control over). For me bath's help. Good food, a bath and an early night is my plan this evening!

Deal with it
The opposite site of the coin is not to stick your head in the sand. Deal with it, get the job done or get organised, realise you need help and ask for it. If its work or uni work, ask for an extension or over time/what ever will help. At the end of the day eventually you have to just do what needs to be done.

Know when to walk away.
This happened with me and my last job. The stress was ten fold what I am under now and I suffered for 14 months. I should of walked about after 6 months, maybe less, but I stuck it out and it affected my health, home life, personal life..the lot. And for what? Nothing is worth sacrificing your happiness for.  Sometimes its not worth it.

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