The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo is a bit of a blogger bandwagon at the moment. You know, one of those books/lipsticks/hair products which everyone seems to have. This book is the Mac Whirl lipliner of the book world. But I will just say this now, its worth the £7.69 a million times over.

I bought this book after seeing it on multiple youtube channels and having always a super clean and tidy person I thought I would give it a go. Now when I say Im a super clean and tidy person, I am but well now I realise I wasn't. My sister would always say I was like Monica from friends, always cleaning, cooking..the hostess. The problem, with hindsight, is that I just had way too much stuff. So I bought this on a whim not thinking it would change anything.

I did pick the pictures where you can see a dramatic change and the ones which I thought people might want to see (dresser is a lot better now, I can actually find my make -up!). I took a million before photos but to be honest Im horrified at how bad they are. Just a little side note, I did take the photos before we would be due to tidy and clean the house so its normally not this bad. The great thing about the book is it makes you realise that tidying isn't something you should be doing once a week or even once a month. Its something that should be done and then maybe done again in 6 months time. Amazing!

There are probably still a few more things we need to sort though,mostly in the kitchen, but well we don't really have that much kitchen stuff anyway. We are done with the biggest categories. Clothes, books, papers, skincare, make -up..I've been through it all. All that is left is Kitchen items and photographs. I'm saving photographs for a weekend soon because I know this is a hard one. So far, and I say so far because I imagine there will be more at some point, we have thrown out collectively 10 bin bags of clothes, 2 of bedding, towels etc, 5 bin bags of un-recyclable rubbish, two broken suitcases and filled the recycle bags several times over. There is also a shelf in Matt's cupboard and a few boxes in the spare room still of things which he is selling over the next month or two.

When the book arrived I read it in four lunch times/evenings and whizzed through it. Its not like its heavy reading. What was amazing as I went from being happy with the state of the house to disgusted and very unhappy. The weekend that followed I went through all my personal processions. Seeing how much I was throwing out Matt then wanted to do it too and that took up most of the second weekend. This weekend, the third one in a row, we did a few final areas/categories, took everything to the tip/charity shops/cash for clothes and then did a really big clean of the house. Three weekends it took but the change in the house is incredible in my opinion.

So if you're like me and really enjoy a clean, tidy and calm place to live in and want to give the book a go then I couldn't recommend it more. Its amazing value (less than £6 if you have a kindle) and I already have a waiting list on who wants to book it now we're done with it!

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  1. I've seen this book a lot and i've been uhming and ahhing over getting it. I think I am pretty organised person. I dont think we have a lot of clutter and I go through my clothes, bags, shoes and makeup collection every 3 months or so and chuck everything out or pass it on to somewhere else. I'm pretty brutal when it comes to clearing out and things but maybe I should give it a shot anyway, see how much more I could do! xx

    1. get it! and let me know if you do - it really did change everything for us. the house is so much brighter


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