Being Disillusioned with Blogging

Time after time I keep reading posts from bloggers who have just had enough and frankly, a week ago at least, was with them. Theres a lot of pressure on bloggers who are very well established, a lot of new start ups and like everything, a lot of competition.

It's really easy to feel like well, whats the point? Theres the backlash. I've had my fair amount of hate from the blogging community. I've even had people who I thought were dear friends stab me in the back. Its not a nice thing and going back into that world has been a struggle for me. Thankfully I've also met some of the nicest and most supportive ladies. I think it's important to focus on that and those people, rather than trying to please everyone.

The focus on numbers has always got at me. Why does one post which took me half an hour get so many more views than the one that took a whole day? The internet world is a frustrating one. I used to spend days worrying about posts but now I no longer worry about the numbers and if anything prefer being off the radar a little bit. I write posts which I enjoy and leave at that.

Then theres the thoughts that, well, am I pretty enough to be a big blogger? Most of the bigger bloggers are absolutely beautiful and its a hard world to crack into if well, like me and most of us, we do the best we can with what we have.

Then I worry if my life is interesting enough? Do I have a niche? Im not a crafty blogger, I'm not beautiful, I don't have a child, Im not obsessed with why would anyone want to read my posts?

I've been struggling with if I should go back into you tube. Something which I used to love but I got a  lot of hate for. Its hard to watch amazing videos and not really want to join in and make different content. I struggling with knowing how to do certain posts in blog form and know how easy it would be to just film instead (and quicker!)

All of this just adds up and I just had to take some time off.

More recently having took some time out I really got my blogging mojo back. I suddenly wrote a lot more, took loads of photographs and I really think this break has helped me. It was just over a week but to be honest I blogged more in that week than I have done in a long time.

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  1. Completely agree, I've not blogged in ages just because I feel burgh about my appearance etc, I guess everyone compares themselves to others! Glad to hear you got your mojo back!


    1. I think its something lots of people are going through/have been through recently. Its not nice, hope youre feeling okay


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