Blogger Clichés

The Blogger Clichés change regularly rather like fashion but right now I thought I would take advantage of the little things that many of us do; Most of which I definitely do!

Copper dipped plant pots, brush holders, candle holders, storage baskets - YES PLEASE.

I have two marble trays. Perfect for a flat lay..mine currently hold my regular products on my dresser.

No hall way, bathroom, kitchen, office space would be complete without some cacti or succulent. I have eight in the house. In three different rooms.

Michael Korrs
Sadly even I have a (fake) handbag, but seriously, why does everyone have the same watch?

I don't think any of us can get away with going into boots and come out with clean hands.

Taking photographs before we use something
I used to be terrible at doing this, not being able to use anything at all until it was photographed. Now, not so much. I kinda like the used, less perfect look on my blog but this was something that ruled my life for a long time.

Muji/Acrylic Storage
I have Acrylic Storage but its not Muji. But I still have it. We all have it.

Certain brands more than others but candles really do make all the difference. I want them burning all the time.

I used to do "Tutorial Tuesdays" back when I didn't work and had hours and hours of time to film and create posts. Wonderful Wednesdays, Tips Tuesday, Baby Brands..just some of the posts I've just flicked through in my blog lovin unread list.

There are millions more - what do you do and what do you think will be the next big thing in the blogging community?

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