How to Blog on a Budget

When money is tight, because lets face it for a lot of us this is an expensive hobby, don't stress. Here's my tips on how to save some dough.

Set up.
A tripod is nice but I know a lot of people who use a stack of books and you can get by without a remote control, trust me. You also don't need the latest SLR. Yes it would be nice if we all had canon 5d mark IIIs and took beautiful photographs. I also know that a lot of people take photos on their phones, tablets, compact cameras etc. Just use what you have until you can afford what you want. Its not the end of the world.

Extra set up.
I wrote a post recently about blogger cliches. Well, ignore them. If you don't have marble trays and copper coming out of your ass then who cares? Use what pretty things you have at home as props. Some books, a cup of tea, flowers, a candle..anything! Don't go and buy the latest fad, because its just that. A Fad.

You don't have to review the most expensive products. One of my most viewed posts is about 3 £1 nail varnishes. I also review items I've had for months and which aren't the latest releases. People will still be discovering new products all the time that happen to have been out for years, they will still want to read you're review (Exceptions are things like the Collection Lasting Concealer or the Naked palette because well, there are hundreds of reviews out there!)

Shop the Stash
and other thrifty posts are a great way not only for you to save some pennies but to breathe new life into your beauty collection or wardrobe. Why not give yourself a £10 charity shop challenge or a £20 drugstore haul?

Nothing is cheaper and more interesting (to me at least) than people who blog about their everyday lives. I love vlogs, lifestyle posts and getting to know people. It costs nothing to film your day, write a post about what its like to have 3 kids under 5 or to tell me what films make it into your top 5. People buy into a blogger, not just how much high end skincare they have. So if spending £100 on a cleanser isnt you then embrace that.

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