How to get Blogging Organised

My sister calls me Monica and although with blogging I might not be the most organised person, I do have some tips and tricks which have been helping me these past few weeks. Bare in mind I am a part time blogger, I imagine full time bloggers do things very differently!

Allocate time.
I know so many of use work full time, work multiple jobs, work from home, have children, or a million name it but allocating some specific time for blogging really helps. For me it's a Wednesday night and then a few hours over the weekend depending on what we have planned.

Bulk write and Photograph for posts.
I know not everyone can work like this but by the time I get my camera, tripod and soft box out to take a photo of one make up item then well I might as well photograph as much as I can think of (cue me running round the house trying to find every item I've bought in the past few weeks so I can photograph them ready for a review post). I then spend the other session per week writing up posts, scheduling tweets and facebook..that type of thing.

Stock Photos.
Treat your own photos like stock photos. Each photography session I take extra photos I can use on lifestyle posts or posts which don't need a specific photo. They're your photographs, you can use them as much as you want so why stress yourself out taking a new photo every time you mention a notebook?

Posts, tweets, facebook posts etc. It can all be done in advance. I have a little diary where I plan out which posts should go up when. Now I do draw the line at an excel spread sheet but thats just me. I like to work on paper when it comes to lists of posts to write, things to photograph and scheduling. I schedule the posts, normally 2/3 at a time and all the tweets a girl could want all in one session. Normally about an hour a week but its quicker to do things in bulk so why not?

Prepare for the worst
Post what you love when you want but its also good to have draft posts read and waiting. I normally write 2/3 reviews at a time because well, they don't have to take hours to do and they're great for slotting in when you know you'll be away/busy/sick.

Hope for the best
Not everything goes to plan 100% of the time. Not that long ago I was in hospital having just been super organised and had the best week for followers and views in months. Then obviously, it all went to pot because I couldn't blog. Just relax. Its meant to be a hobby.

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  1. Definitely taking all of these on board!

    1. glad its been of use! if you have any tips yourself please let me know :)

  2. I've just launched my blog for about the fifth time because I worried about numbers too much and got discouraged the first four times- this time I'm determined to just relax and enjoy it! thanks for the tips :) x


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