My Biggest Beauty Regrets

When we all start out we all make some major beauty mistakes. Now, don't get me wrong, everyone is different and there will be people who disagree with me but here are mine.

Skincare. Not moisturising or using any real skincare until I was at least in my 20s other than make up wipes. In fact I didn't even use make up wipes, I used baby wipes. How disgusting. Now I cleanse, I tone, I use multiple creams, serums etc and my face loves me for me.

Not using primer. My make up used to be gone by mid-day and I never knew why.

Foundation. One, I never used to wear it. Then I wore heavy heavy coverage in the wrong shade. Disaster. I'm all about the light coverage, colour matched base now.

Blue eyeshadow. Shudder.

White face, bright red lips and cheeks. My first make up kit made me look like a doll. I would come home from school and do my make up, like a complete weirdo.

Not throwing out make up. This makes me feel sick.

Not washing make up brushes. Another vomit inducing fact.

Powder. I now hate the stuff..and while where on the subject, Matte finish anything on my face. No. No. No.

Lipgloss. Its sticky, it doesn't last and it rarely looks good (mostly because my hair sticks to it and it goes all over my face). I just cant handle it. It's too much effort.

Eyebrows or well, my lack of them. I didn't pencil mine in at all until  a few, maybe 4/5 years ago. Thats over 20 years of my life with blonde, practically invisible brows.

Now I've made myself feel very ashamed and basically a little bit sick. Please share with me some of your regrets.

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