Tampons are Luxuries, right?

Do not get me started on this government. We will be here all day. I will however address the hilarious 5% VAT currently placed on luxury items, most hilariously, the tampon.

The average woman buys, uses and throws away 11,000 tampons during her lifetime. I started my periods when I was about 14 and I can estimate that I have had over 140 periods so far. Thats 420-700 days of with cramps, bleeding, being bloated and generally feeling like crap. The average age for menopause for a white woman is currently at 51.5 years old. Meaning I have 25 years of periods ahead of me and another 300 periods/900 - 1,500 days of paying for the luxury of being a woman.

The average price of tampons is only a couple of quid. A couple of quid every month adds up (because lets face it most of need/want tampons, panty liners and some pads for night time) meaning that my further 300 periods are likely to cost me around £600. Not a lot really, but thats a lot of books/dvds/clothes/other luxuries that I wont be able to buy because my father had a stronger X chromosome. That means that on average a woman starts out life around £1000 worse off over her lifetime because of a product she NEEDS because she is a woman. Yet the government have decided that an extra 5% charge on these items is necessary. On a grand thats an extra £50 which David Cameron wants from me and every other woman in the country just for being a woman.

Just to add insult to injury things like helicopters, airships, the lottery/bingo and tortilla chips just to name a few are not subject to any VAT.

Yet things like tampons, mobility aids for the disabled, heating (gas, oil & electric) & children's car seats are all still placed within the luxury 5% VAT category.

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