The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a bit of a cult blogger product. I first tried this on holiday I was bought a 75ml tube for my birthday. In case you didn't know its a pre-wash treatment. I put this on when I'm running the bath and leave it on for a good 10-15 minutes. Then simply wash and condition as normal. I don't use it all the time but its great for adding strength to the hair. There is nothing worse than dry, brittle hair which breaks off and this is a good step in the right direction to healing damaged or over processed hair (my sin is bleach!). A great addition to my hair care routine as a pamper, this isn't exactly a budget friendly option at around £17 for a pretty small tube but used occasionally as a treat and it's well worth it. Larger sizes are available and look out for it on discount stores like lookfantastic.

Definitely one I'll be buying again but maybe in a larger size so I can get a bit more bang for my buck.

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  1. I find this products is always in beauty boxes/magazines, so love snapping it up then!

    Sophie x

    1. I need to get it next time its a freebie..mines running out now *despairs*


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