Winter Skincare Savours

Its already freezing outside and with the heating already on and the candles lit, its our skin that really suffers during these winter months. Here's what I do to keep my dehydrated skin happy.

Moisture, Moisture Moisture. Creams, Face Oils and masks really are the aim of the game and here are my favourites. My personal favourite facial oil has to be the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil for Dehydrated Skin. This is my second bottle and my skin loves it. Perfect on bare skin in the morning for a dewy look under make up or after a hard day of heating and horrendous weather.

Dont neglect your peepers -  another Clarins favourite the Skin Smoothing Eye Mask has lasted forever and it the perfect way to boost moisture levels in that delicate eye area which will be screaming out for hydration come christmas.

Finally, over night is the perfect time to really boost your skin by layering up products and really getting the most from your skincare. I use my facial oil followed by a serum, Im currently using the Origins Original Skin, which is good but not my favourite. Once that has sank in I finish just before bed with a rich face cream. Im loving the Origins Make a Difference Overnight hydrating repair cream which leaves my skin feeling fresh but nice and plump by the morning.

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